Green SELT
The development of SELT is based not only on economic aspects, but also on care for the natural environment. Our direction is to be recognized as a responsible business, taking into account all ecological dimensions, from the use of recyclable materials, through the optimization of energy consumption, to the prevention of environmental pollution with harmful substances.

By investing in modern production lines of renowned brands,  we choose devices that allow for energy efficiency and maximum use of material. Our systems are painted in a way that is safe for the environment. The SELT customer receives a durable product, made in accordance with a conscious approach and high environmental standards.

Our policy is confirmed by the ISO 14001:2015 Certificate, which obliges us to continuously improve our environmental activities.
Sun protection systems
and energy efficiency
Sun protection systems are an obligatory element of modern energy-saving and passive buildings. They are recommended for all facilities where rooms heat up under the influence of strong sunlight. By limiting the access of sunlight, the systems reduce the need for air-conditioning devices and thus reduce electricity consumption. Energy efficiency contributes to the reduction of harmful emissions, especially in an environment dominated by coal power plants.

When introducing new solutions, we take into account not only the comfort of use, but also the impact that our systems have on the natural environment and indirectly on our health.
Durable Product
Our goal is to create products that users will be able to enjoy as long as possible, which is why we use high-quality materials such as aluminium, stainless steel and fabrics from recognized manufacturers.

The longevity of the systems is already assumed at the design stage. All elements are refined and guarantee durability. Painting is carried out using the powder coated method with the highest quality paints that are Qualicoat certified.

When selling our products around the world, we must take into account various weather conditions, which is why each system delivered to the customer is extremely resistant to specific weather phenomena. Assuming a long product life cycle, we also choose materials that can be recycled, such as aluminium, which does not lose its quality when recycled.
of CO2 emissions
SELT has a modern fleet of trucks with reduced exhaust emissions - EURO 6 standard.  Each route is planned in such a way as to make the most of the truck's passage.

Specially prepared aluminium containers allow for perfect use of space in the trucks and at the same time guarantee the safety of the transported goods.

Telematics systems monitor the driver's driving style to optimize fuel consumption.
Reduction of electricity consumption,
gas and water
By investing in the latest generation of production lines and devices, we prevent energy loss caused by obsolete equipment.

All installations have heat recovery points. The temperature generated during the combustion of gas for manufacturing processes is used to heat the production halls. Compressed air connections used in the machines are serviced to reduce air losses, which in turn reduces energy consumption.

When adapting the buildings in use, the lighting of the halls and administrative rooms is regularly replaced with LED lamps of the latest generation. Many workstations have spotlights to reduce the use of central lighting.  New investments are equipped with the latest solutions supporting energy efficiency.

SELT powder coating facilities have their own industrial wastewater treatment plants. The applied mechanisms allow to achieve an optimal level of water recovery and maximum protection of the water environment against its degradation.  
of environmental
Supported by modern technologies, we take all possible measures to ensure that our production process is not a burden on the natural environment.

We minimize the use of substances harmful to the environment by introducing, for example, machine coolants based on plant extracts, enviromentally neutral flocculants in the powder coating facility, or natural lubricants in the foundry. We are still testing the use of similar solutions.

Chemical waste is stored in a completely safe manner, in specially separated, closed zones. Access to them is granted only to designated, properly trained employees. The waste is collected by certified companies - we cooperate only with proven businesses, verifying their permits on an ongoing basis. In accordance with applicable regulations, we coordinate the waste disposal process, which should not last longer than a year, taking into account the time from its generation.

The chemicals used in the foundry remain in a closed system thanks to the tank located under the machine.

The fine dust generated by sawing or grinding in the production halls is extracted by means of filtering systems suitable for the machines.

Thanks to its own treatment plant, the water used in the powder coating facility is purified - by means of flocculation and segmentation, dry waste is separated from the water and disposed of by a specialist company. The paint is used in an optimal way by entering into the system parameters limiting the amount of paint. Additionally, the Wagner system is equipped with a paint recovery system. 
Modern technology used in the powder coating facility ensures its safety for the natural environment. Powder coating does not contain harmful volatile organic compounds, as indicated by the safety data sheets of chemical substances that we obtain from the suppliers at the ordering stage. The proof of the high quality of the production line is the inspection carried out by the Provincial Environmental Protection Inspectorate and the positive opinion issued by this body regarding the operation of the installation .
Waste management,
Minimizing errors on the production line and maximizing the use of materials contributes significantly to reducing waste. Production waste is strictly segregated, even within the same material, e.g. dry aluminium chips, wet aluminium chips, aluminium sheet, extruded aluminium profiles, aluminium castings, which facilitates their recycling. Aluminium casting waste generated in our foundry is remelted there again.
 Paper, cardboard and colourless foil are transferred to partner companies for the recovery process. Waste from production, i.e. inconsistent elements, are recorded, deposited in the liquidation warehouse, and then collected by the company responsible for it. Remnants of the interlining or cardboard elements from the production departments are used in the powder coating facility as spacers for the painted elements. Waste that is difficult to dispose of is most often used as fuel. We work with recipients  who use oils for combustion in low-emission incineration plants. Small items are mostly stored in reusable containers: steel baskets, pallets, cuvettes, plastic containers.
Production packaging is prepared for each product individually. Biodegradable inserts are used to protect the transported awnings, Refleksol systems and pergola blades. It is possible to return the foams protecting the products, so that they can be reused.
Certified suppliers
We cooperate with suppliers who not only guarantee high quality and durability of materials, but also consciously approach environmental issues in manufacturing processes. This is proven by environmental certificates that are verified by us.
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